About Us

Formed in 2016, BHW Print Group is an alliance of several businesses, steeped in printing industry history, that is dedicated to offering professional print-related services across a wide range of printed products.

The businesses in the alliance are:-

Bridson & Horrox Limited

Bridson & Horrox is a family owned and operated business founded in 1933 by Harry Horrox and Marshal Bridson on the Isle of Man.

Harry’s son, Ian Horrox took over running the business in 1963 and continued his father’s good work, growing the business throughout the 1970s and 1980s whilst paving the way for his son, Darren Horrox (having joined the business in 1986), to take over as Managing Director in 1995. This made Darren the third generation to proudly lead the business.

Darren has since led the business into new products and markets, embraced new digital technologies and has developed a strong client base in the UK which has driven the business forward. He has presided over the development of its global reach and the outstanding reputation it maintains for its range of quality print-related services.

As demand continued to grow, a vision was born, initiated by Darren in 2016, to create an alliance of companies able to offer a wide range of interrelated services which commenced with an acquisition in North West England. The vision was finally realised through the formation of BHW Print Group.

Haslam Printers Limited

Haslam Printers was founded in 1949 by Herbert Haslam with the simple aim of building a successful business which would become financially strong.

His son, David, and daughter, Julie, continued to follow their father’s ambitions until the sad death of David in 2011. This led to the promotion of John Williams from Sales Director to Joint Managing Director.

Although the four years after David passed away were successful, the Directors decided the best way to secure the future prosperity to the business was to sell the business. This was an incredibly difficult decision to make, but one made with a deep-rooted conviction.

The new owner would need to hold the same values, ethos and commitment to take the business forward and there would be no compromise on this.

A new owner was found with just those same values and in 2016 Darren Horrox purchased Haslam Printers. The vision was underway, and the journey began.

Wallace Printers Limited

Wallace Printers was founded in 1921 by Patrick Wallace and continued by his son, Albert.

Albert, in turn, handed the reins over to his son, David, in in 1982.

David’s son Andrew took over the running of the business in 1998 and became Managing Director in 2009 to become the fourth generation of the Wallace family to be at the helm.

Throughout its history, ‘Wallace Printers’ created a fine reputation for quality print at affordable prices and the success led to significant investment.

A major part of this investment was the superb factory which was purchased and developed into an impressive state-of-the-art print facility suitable for the highest quality print production.

And thus, the alliance was created! To reflect its deep heritage, the initials of the three family businesses were used – and The BHW Print Group was born!

Mannin Print

Mannin Print, based on the Isle of Man are commercial printers servicing financial instructions in the Banking, Offshore Insurance and Gaming sectors as well as the general local market and have been competitors to Bridson & Horrox for over 40 years. The acquisition of Mannin Print has secured a significant number of jobs as they will be joining our locally based team.

Strategically the acquisition of Mannin Print is significant to the Group as it strengthens our position on the Island as the largest Print provider, enabling our customers to benefit from the combined expertise of the merged businesses as well as the economies of scale that working with BHW Print Group affords.

Mannin Print have a loyal client base and an exemplary reputation which we hope to build upon, as we drive forward in the post pandemic era.

‘The Print Hub’ & ‘The Digital Hub’

The Print Hub is the name of our home base, housing the production facilities of the three companies within the alliance. This was made possible by the acquisition of Albert House in Westhoughton, Lancashire (formally the base of Wallace Printers).

A modern, open plan manufacturing facility is still maintained on the Isle of Man to meet ‘on-demand’ digital printing requirements. This facility is known as The Digital Hub.

It offers its customers an interactive experience with the freedom to learn and discover how our digital print services can offer solutions to meet their print requirements.


In 2012 Bridson & Horrox acquired the trade and assets of a local company specialising in the Corporate Gift Market. This was done in order to diversify the product range and to complement the stationery and furniture business that Bridson and Horrox then operated.

Haslam Printers also maintained a corporate gift division. By combining these dvisions together, The BHW Group are now able to supply a comprehensive business gift offering service all under the banner of Skunkworks


In 2007 Haslam Printers acquired the trade and assets of a local company specialising in the printing of car footwell mats. This was done in order to diversify the product range and add an independent division to its already well-established commercial printing business.

In creating HPL Paper Floor Mats, Haslam Printers became the UK’s largest supplier of paper floor mats for the car and valeting industry.

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